Almost a popsicle

I’m currently watching my brother’s dog, and the dog wanted outside at about 8pm. When me and the dig were going back inside I noticed this juvenile Mediterranean house gecko clinging to the bricks, it’s 41°F here in my area of Texas right now so I brought it inside to warm up. He didn’t budge when I first picked him up, but once he was inside and warmer he started moving around as fast as they normally do. It’s too cold to release him + as the name suggests they aren’t native to Texas (albeit they’re true to the house part of their names, I’ve never seen one away from a human building so I’d imagine the environmental impact isn’t huge). So if he survives transitioning to captivity, he’ll get to live in the vertical 10gal I was going to use for a more exotic tiny gecko species.
He isn’t a particularly special gecko, but I think he’s cute. He’s been given some water and extra small bsfl to eat. I’m going to look into getting a uvb bulb in the morning so he can have a day/night cycle. I’ve kept ones I’ve caught before as pets when I was a kid and they don’t seem to need supplemental heat, one of the ones I caught laid eggs and those eggs hatched at room temperature successfully.
He’s already taken to climbing the cork bark wall background as well. Wish him luck!


He’s adorable! Definitely keep us updated!

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Well he’s quite the hider! I was worried he had passed or somehow escaped but I saw him alive and well today, most likely looking for dinner. Going to see how he feels about reptile vitamins


Update: Unfortunately it seems the gecko has either passed or escaped somehow. I haven’t seen him and took a peek around his enclosure and no sign of him, just some older poo I hadn’t cleaned up yet. I’m leaning more towards escaped because the enclosure doesn’t smell like death, I guess he can go back to snacking on bugs outside my house but hopefully he stays in when it drops cold again