Almost done, will these make it? 1st clutch

This was a stereotypical first clutch.

Wasn’t ready for the eggs, when opening the tub and seeing her curled around 7 eggs.

So, after grabbing an incubator off amazon, and getting everything going, we lost 2 eggs about half way through.
Not sure why, but now more eggs are having spots.

This is day 48 in the incubator.

This picture was taken yesterday at day 47.
I think the spots are from seperating the bad egg, but I’d like people who have seen more eggs to give opinions on wwhat I should do, if anything?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS :tada: It’s nice to get eggs when you **are expecting them, let alone when you aren’t. I hear you though, it can be a bit stressful.

The eggs themselves look fine to me. You’re at day 48, so you just have a couple weeks left. Be sure they don’t get wet. I see some condensation on the side of your egg container. Condensation, in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if it accumulates enough to drip onto the eggs, it can/will damage them.

I’m assuming you mixed the vermiculite:water ratio to 1:1 by weight? and you are incubating at 89F (+/- 1F)?

Waiting is the hardest part!



The ring you see is definitely from the separation, also considering that you are at day 47 you are good to go.

If you were dealing with mild you could prevent it from spreading by using athlete’s foot powder or gorilla glue, however I am not seeing moldy spots here.

They look fine to me. At day 47 they shouldn’t have a problem going all the way

Thank you everyone for the reassurance.

They are starting to sit around the 90 degree mark, it seems they’ve heated up about a degree over the last few days.

Not sure if it’s just because things have been moved slightly, or if the eggs are starting to generate heat.

I know I’ve seen when eggs are close to hatching, the eggs can heat up a little.
I’m just not sure on when that can start.

They look pretty decent to me. Wipe away that condensation to keep the eggs from getting wet, if you haven’t already. The eggs warming up slightly is a good sign. I don’t see any mold.

When I incubated my first clutch, I was alarmed by how the eggs crumpled a little when they got close to hatching, like they were starting to deflate. I’m not seeing that yet in your clutch so you probably have another week or more of incubation ahead.

Congrats, and let us know when they start hatching!

We have babies!
They started cracking open yesterday 05/30/2019.
On day 57 of incubation.

One had left the egg already this morning.

I’ll check on the other 4 this evening and see if anyone else has moved out.

I didn’t get any pictures, to excited to think about it, but I’ll try to snap a pic this evening when checking on them again.