Alternative foods for MBK

So I know in the wild these guys will eat just about anything. Mice. Lizards. Eggs. Other snakes. But does anyone ever try this in captivity. I know mice are kind of just like the perfect little vitamin burrito but I was just wondering if anyone does it or if there’s any upside to it. Asking for a friend… ummm this guy


You could certainly do chicks or hatchlings that don’t make it or need to be culled. I think variety is a nice idea if possible, the only downside being that your snake may enjoy his alternative meal so much that he refuses mice, but if you’re confident that he is a good enough eater that it won’t be a problem, then I see no downside.


As long as you can find the right size, nothing wrong with stillborn or ft snakes. Feeder lizards are typically easier to find than feeder snakes and are another option.


You can always feed em reptilinks that have lizard meat, frog meat, or bird meat with egg mixed in.


I’ve fed my male MBK a few eggs and stillborn snakes before, but it’s just an occasional treat for him. Luckily I don’t often have stillborn snakes to feed off.


Not with MBKs but I feed my alterna ReptiLinks (quail, guinea hen, iguana, frog, mega blend. With and with out egg mixed in and with and without fruit/veg mixed in), chicken necks, chicken hearts, quail chick (both button and Coturnix), segments of fish (tilapia, flounder, salmon)


I’ve heard of people using hard boiled eggs, chicken hearts, minnows, tilapia. Especially for picky hatchlings!

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