Am i wierd for wanting animals that creep me out?

Am i wierd for wanting animals that creep me out or frighten me?
I have taken an interest in scorpions and spiders, while im not creeped
Out by spiders ( unless they are big) i use to catch tons of spiders as a child
And keep them, the same cannot be said about scorpions, maybe im trying
To overcome my fear? Me being afraid of them and finding them creepy will
Guarantee me never having an urge to handle them at all, which is really safe for me and the scorpions.

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Not weird at all.
I’d love a few types of moths and they kinda freak me out :joy:

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Not at all, I had a fear of wasps so I tried to make a colony of soldier flies. If it worked I would have gotten soldier fly larvae. It didn’t work and it’s much cheaper and easier just to buy them, but it still helped me with my fear a little bit.

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Absolutely not. I dislike frogs/toads/geckos with their giant eyeballs and their weird looking faces.
I’d love to own some dart frogs though and those gecko people are winning their ways with me. :s


Lol :joy:! I have fallen too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Glad we can help :smile:


LOL, I am afraid of spiders which is why I took up keeping Tarantulas.

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Look at that dang cute smug smile. Oh my heart