Amazing Reptile House Pictures

I just visited the Smithsonian National Zoo and I would like to show off some of the amazing reptiles there.

First off, the incredibly strange mata mata turtle

Next is the giant monster of a turtle, the alligator snapping turtle

Next up is the highly endangered cayman island iguana

After that is one of my personal favorites, the shingle back skink

Then we have one of the most endangered lizards on earth, the Fiji banded iguana

After that is the beautiful mangrove snake

Then there’s the Timor python, a species I’d never seen in person until now

Up after that is one of my favorite species of python, the blackhead python

There was also a black tree monitor, one of the tree monitor species people tend to forget about

A species I enjoyed seeing was the copperhead because it’s always nice to see some local wildlife

They had an emperor newt which was really cool to see because I appreciate zoos having lots of amphibian species

And the final species I will be showing off is the Japanese giant salamander, the second largest salamander in the world that is also incredibly rare because people like to eat it

Also, @lumpy in the entire national zoo they didn’t have a single boa species. That is simply unacceptable lol


Lol, so true. Thank you for sharing the pictures!


Thank you for sharing the photos. Zoo trip photos are always appreciated.


Great pics, like we visited ourselves. I’ll have to see if I can dig up the photos from Clyde’s, in PA! We stopped there a couple years back.


Here’s a question for everyone. What’s the best zoo you’ve been to reptile wise?


I’ve been to San Diego, St. Louis, OKC and Sedgwick County Zoo. I’m biased but think SCZ has the best herp house. They’ve got Chinese alligators, king cobra, huge aldabra tortoises etc.


I like going to here :arrow_up:.

But I do want to hit Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens when I am up in the area.

Lol, I love my photography, that is why I also love to go to zoos!


Looks like all nice places
My local zoo’s reptile house has been closed for COVID for the past two years but it finally re-opened, so I am SO excited to visit again! I will likely post about that as well.


I haven’t forgot about these, these are one of my bucket list animals if I ever get the mental investment to get into lizards

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I’ve only been to a few zoos but I would say the best is the Toledo Zoo, which is about an hour away from where I live. They have some pretty cool reptiles. They have king cobras, an anaconda, retic, burmese python, saltwater crocodile, tuataras, komodo dragons (which they might be trying to breed, I’m not sure), and a ton of other super cool snakes and reptiles.


The Columbus zoo has a really cool reptile house with many amphibian species inside as well. Their alligator snapper is terrifyingly massive!
They also have outdoor enclosures with American alligators and komodo dragons (separately obviously).

The Cbus Zoo is awesome as a whole, and there are currently baby elephants and giraffes to see too!


Oh, and the Asian Islands exhibits has a huge burmese python, the successor to Fluffy who was one of the largest ever on record. My mom was Fluffy’s handler back in the day, so we always like to see the new burm

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I love the Toledo Zoo. We lived, for many years, just north of Detroit. The family membership at the Detroit Zoo also had reciprocity w Toledo. Both are very nice zoos. Detroit has a good reptile house and an amphibian collection as well.

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I went to the Louisville Zoo back in July, and wow was it amazing. Their reptile collection was beautiful and lorikeet landing was one of the most fun exhibits I’ve ever visited.