Amazon tree boa breeding

I’m wondering how hard it is to breed Amazon tree boas I just picked one up off Craigslist for 100 I will upload pictures later

From the sounds of that price, it is probably a wild caught individual, so taking it to the reptile vet and getting it treated for parasites in your top priority. That and it was from Craigslist, so it could already have a number of things wrong with it. Given no one really breeds them due to wild caught and farmed numbers, it is hard to find info for breeding.

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I agree, assume it’s wild caught (since it probably is). Craigslist animals can have a number of things wrong with them and I personally won’t ever buy an animal from Craigslist for breeding (with few exceptions like if they can prove that it was from a reputable breeder). However with Amazon tree boas (or other mostly wild caught reptiles) I think it would be okay to breed it if the animal is healthy, parasite free, and established well. The first priority will be to quarantine and get it to a reptile vet.

Tree boas are not difficult to breed and they’re bred in captivity in the US fairly often. I have friends that sell USCBB babies for $100-250 depending on the phenotype. They’re cheap because they’re not trendy. And they bite. A lot usually. I love mine, but they’re never going to be for everyone.

While Craigslist can be a terrible place to acquire an animal, there are legitimate keepers out there who advertise locally on Craigslist. I wouldn’t buy any animal anywhere I wasn’t willing to take to a vet for a check up and some testing. To be honest, the worst condition I’ve purchased a reptile in, it came from a seller right here on MM.

Tree boas are still commonly imported as they pointed out so it’s a toss up if yours is or isn’t. I would try to get as much info as possible from the seller. They’re fairly hardy animals so if it does need to be treated for parasites, you stand a good chance of it surviving the treatment.


I actually bought it from a breeder who had hatched him also the 100 was a typo he was 400

It was a package deal for a snow Honduran milk snake

If you bought him from a breeder, then I recommend asking that breeder about how they breed these boas.

Lol I don’t know why I didn’t think about that I can be an idiot some times