Ambient Temp Maintenance Assistance

Hiya all,

Recently got a KSB and she is super active and loving her new enclosure. She is in a 10 gallon with a heat mat. But I am concerned with maintaining ambient temp of 80 come winter. She is in a glass tank and I know they are not great at holding temp. I have thought about using aluminum tape to cover part of the lid, in tandem with a CHE. I am also not against making her an insulation cover made from pink insulation foam or EVA. I just wanted to get thoughts and ideas. Tank centric. I know I can turn on the house heater. But I wanted to try and gain better control over her personal environment. Also lastly she is great at moving on and off her heat mat when needed.


When using a glass enclosure I always recommend wrapping the back and sides with insulation. Also a good idea is putting items in the enclosure that can act like a heat sink. Covering the top is also helpful in having more control of the temps.

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