Ambush Orange Dream Yellowbelly

Snakenstein Reptiles introduces a look at our Ambush gene.

We discovered this gene from an African import female many years ago. The first clutch produced from the original female produced 1.3. Last season we took the male she produced back to her and proved the gene to be genetic.

This season we started working the gene into other genes and further explore and learn the genes impact. We paired Ambush x Super Pastel, Orange Dream Yellowbelly x Ambush, and Pied het Albino x Ambush.

The single gene version is a reduced patterned, dark dorsal with red/orange blushings, no eyes in alien heads, Pied like tracks on the belly(several have had small ringers), connected alien heads(variable degree) slightly brighter color from a normal with a soft yellow outline of the alien heads.

This year we have produced:
Ambush Pastel
Ambush Yellowbelly
Ambush Orange Dream
Ambush Orange Dream Yellowbelly (pictured)
Ambush het pied 50% het Albino

Ambush from last season(pictured)

So far we’re extremely excited with what we have seen. We’re still working towards proving Dominant or incomplete dominant at this point.


So excited to see where else you take this! So neat!

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Thank you!

Looks awesome! I could see it mixing well into major melanin disrupters (albino, ultramel, banana, etc). Tons of potential, great job!

Thank you for the feedback! Yes absolutely would work well in melanin disrupters like those and others.

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This looks like my normal girl my wife had when we first met. I bred her to my Banana Butter male last year but she reabsorbed it was her first year going but I’m gonna do the same pairing this year. image|375x500