American Toad Breeding

Does anyone have any tips on breeding American toads or any toads? My toads were in amplexus for days and the female didn’t lay any eggs. She carried him on her back and went in the water then walked around again. I even saw her eating crickets while he was on her back but she never laid eggs.


She likely wasn’t gravid and didn’t have eggs to lay. If you mimicked the seasonal cycles and provided a water dish to lay eggs in all you can do is try again next year.


Not a breeder, just a reader.
If mimicking nature didn’t do it, try being blunt about it. Let them cool for a while. Get them lazy, then start putting a light on them during mid day
(I’d do a basking spot so they can avoid the direct heat and let the heat radiate out gently)
Keep it a little more moist than usual once you introduce them light.
Breeding season is WET. They aren’t animals who prefer areas where a puddle is the only water, they live mostly where sspring brings ffloods.
Imthinking this should mimic spring with an early summer coming. That would be ideal for the developing new toads, with an instinctively implied time limit to excite their biology

Toads are very hardy so I don’t see a reason not to try this before giving up for the season


Unfortunately True Toads are one of the most challenging groups of frogs to breed that we have in the hobby. I’d say they’re basically on the same level as Pacman Frogs as far as getting them to spawn is concerned, probably even harder to be honest unless you have captive bred individuals. If your female does have eggs she almost certainly won’t spawn in a water dish.