An Adoption Feature for Rescues

We are a non profit 501c3 rescue in Virginia, and we don’t sell animals, so setting up ads on MorphMarket is a little bit awkward. Is it possible to add an “Adopt” feature instead of “Buy”? Many of the communications we have get a little confusing because we do operate with an adoption application and we don’t ship. Just wondering if this would be a possibility down the pipeline for us rescues, thanks!


Welcome to the forum @centralvirginiareptilerescue! I think the work you are doing with displaced animals is so important! This sounds like a reasonable request on your part so it will be interesting to see what the response will be!

God bless you for the work you do! :pray:


Hello and thank you for the work you do with the little ones!

I looked up and read Ratatouille’s post. Honestly, I don’t think you are in the wrong at all. These are people who are not reading your post and only want a cheap reptile. They obviously would not be a qualified adopter.

If anything, before the adoptee’s info, I would put the blurb about adoption process on the website to the top. MorphMarket doesn’t typically like sellers directing away from the site but I think in your case that’s still fine? @eaglereptiles can you confirm for us?

The fact still is, they aren’t reading about the animal aside from the price. Block them.