An Ode to Cousin the Obese Dumpy Frog

I mentioned Cousin the other day in a response and thought I’d share some pictures of the man himself. Cousin was surrendered to us in 2020 at 144 grams. He was also full of cestodes and couldn’t climb, likely due to his weight and as a result of mild MBD. We had Cousin for 2 years and he was an absolute delight and very loved by our Facebook followers. We did start him on a weight loss plan and lost a decent amount of weight during his time with us. Unfortunately, the cestodes never did respond to treatment despite many vet visits. He passed away last year due to a combination of old age (our vet said he looked ancient!) and the continued battle with parasites. We really miss that goofy guy!


Oh my goodness he was adorable! He looks like he is actually smiling in the last 2 pictures! I have a Mr. Dumpy myself! But of course my Mr. is a lot smaller than Cousin. I am so glad you shared his story and pictures with us. He is definitely a legend in the annals of amphibian history! :frog::blush::heart:


Oh my goodness, Cousin is the biggest (and cutest!) dumpy tree frog I’ve ever seen! :heart_eyes: Look at that chonk with his big fat neck rolls! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sorry to hear he passed on, but I’m glad that he got the chance to be so well-loved in his final years. Thanks for sharing his story.