"Anaconda" Hognose/Species Confuses Search [813]

So I’ve noticed a bug in the hognose genetic calculator on the website, but am not sure if it’s just me that gets it.

Basically what it is, is that anytime the ‘anaconda’ or ‘super-anaconda’ morph is used in calculating, when I click on the word, it takes me to the actual anaconda page. It also shows a ‘do you mean…’ and lists hognose, but clicking hognose doesn’t work, and it just takes me back to the anaconda page.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Just to be sure I’m understanding the issue…

When you click here…

It takes you to…




When I try it takes me Here.

What browser are you using?

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As for where I click, it’s the other side of where you clicked.

And yes it takes me to the anaconda (species) page.

I have used both chrome, and internet explorer.

the right side


I see, and yep I can replicate it. This is obviously a naming issue that is confusing the site, the different searches (species and trait) are both happening at once.

I think the only way around this would be a name ajustment to either one. @john

Thank you for point this out :blush:


I agree, there are a few spots where several different kinds of terms intersect and it messes up search. I’ll make sure we a bug ticket logged.

I updated the topic since this isn’t calc specifically, more about search.