And clutch 3 is out

Four females… And my trend of over representation of Pastel continues… :unamused: :unamused:


Awesome wacky dorsal though on the last one! Nice!

These all shed out as well

Some group and comparison shots

And solo shots


I appreciate the natural lighting photos for comparison to show the “true” colors of the snakes.

What was the pairing for this clutch? Great looking babies!

GStripe SuperRedStripe x GStripe Acid Pastel

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I have been using more more g-stripe lately, used to think it was such a dominating morph, but then you see it like this! With your pairing it kills! That last one acid, red stripe, g-stripe, pastel!! Incredible! Also love Kiki morphs, and dg stuff with g-stripe as well, great use of it in this pairing for sure!