Androctonus Australis is fast

Was feeding my very big female Androctonus Australis ( yellow fattails) and before i could blink she whipped her tail quicker than i think a snake could bite ( although they can be lighting fast) this is exactly why they should never be handled with hands, use tongs only. Not only do they have a sting that has been described as submerging the area non stop in a deep fat fryer, they have and extremely deadly venom. I wish i had a slomo camera and had math skills to calculate speed it would be awesome to see in slow motion how they sting. Lucky for me, she is not particularly aggressive, she chooses to run and hide rather than stand her ground. Thier name translates to “southern man killer” even though they occupy the north african desert. The person irroniously used Australis ( southern) when he discovered the species.

This species is allegedly aggressive, however i have not noticed this to be the case, maybe its because she is captive born and raised. She only seems food motivated aggressive but that to me is just typical scorpion behavior, most animals are food motivated aggressive tbh, where normally they would be more docile. Again id never pick her up and urge people to never handle scorpions, they can be unpredictable. Im sure they have warnings that are too subtle to notice. There is a South
African species that scrapes its stinger along their backs that sounds similar to a rattlesnake, but for the most part scorpion stings sometimes come out of nowhere.


Another picture of my girl feasting on her cricket treat. She definitely doesn’t live up to the aggressive stereotype that is associated with her species. Is she the exception or the rule? I say that every animal has their own personalities and life experiences. She is my sweet danger lobster :scorpion: :heart:.