Android User Cannot Pinch/Zoom Photos [5086]

Still a sloppy mess. No indication whether a hi-res loaded or not. Trying to pinch zoom jumps all over the place. A 5th grader with WordPress could have this implemented better. Unbelievable deal on this snake tho… :fire::fire::fire:

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This issue isnt happening on my phone at all. Samsung galaxy S23

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  1. What device are you using?

  2. What Android version are you using?

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Honestly I only know I’m using a galaxy. Lol.


These can be found in Settings → About Device → Software Information

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I sent you some info :+1:


Why this was split off I have no idea. this is only a small part of the issue. The issue is the new image implementation is ■■■■. No idea if a hires has loaded or not. And I’m not the only one, see previous messages in the other thread. Has anyone followed the thread? It’s a janky solution. No website I know of on the net loads images this way because you just don’t even know. Leaves the user sitting there wondering. Tap to pop out was perfect and expected behavior. The way it is is not UX friendly at all. Sometimes they load sometimes they don’t. I love the implication that it’s my device… Pixel 6a with Android 13. Again look back, this is happening with other people as well.

Here are links to other users experiencing similar issues. It’s just a bad UX experience all around.


I never implemented anything, I simply gave useful information to the staff in hopes that whatever is going on can be fixed.


The solution is go back to the old way. The way that 99.9% of the web uses. That is to pop out the images. I will note that this particular pinching issue happens when using a finger and thumb or a thumb and a thumb from both hands. When using a single hand finger and thumb it somehow works…no clue why it’s that way as two hand pinch zoom works fine on any other page/image.

But that doesn’t begin to address this. You can’t double tap to zoom in, can’t tell if a hi-res has loaded, pinching is janky when using both hands, and it’s just an unexpected, messy implementation.

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Dude, I promise we are listening… and working on this, but we can’t just release things like this instantly. MorphMarket is completely custom built, and everything needs a lot more work than say a Wix website… and then testing before release.

We are actually doing stuff behind the scenes :wink:

As a little example, i just broke the forum for a few minutes… anyone notice? :sweat_smile:


that’s the problem with custom coding everything. Surely you can implement lightbox or similar? The code already exists for this. Why do it from scratch. It’s just an unexpected and strange, unprofessional implemention. I respect trying to do something fresh but it’s confusing and janky and I’m not the only one.

If absolutely refusing to do it with pop out lightbox or similar, a couple of suggestions

  1. If tapped and loading hi-res, show a small icon indicting it’s loading so users not left hanging wondering.

  2. Implement double tap to zoom

  3. See what’s going on with this strange behavior of when using two hands to pinch.


More problems. Can’t swipe to a new image. Just give it up and go back to a normal lightbox type image gallery. This is craziness. Doesn’t always happen but happens from time to time.

When/why did it change though? It used to pop out a hi-res image - so wouldn’t the code already exist to return to that feature? (Honestly just trying to understand the how and why)

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Because the old way was thrown together as we went along … for years. It was not optimal in any sense. From the outside, it worked ok, but behind the scenes it was a hot mess that spat out a tonne of issues.


@organicboas and @calex I can vouch for this. I even had issues with the old way, for an example, macs and apple products that ran the site on google chrome (old macs). I know right now what we are dealing with is bad (not trying to excuse that at all) but we are trying to make it easier and more accessible for future updates and projects.


Well it’s garbage as of now. Who cares about backend if the frontend is garbage. Much better to have frontend working properly for your users. It was fine. Perfect actually.

Really you need to implement existing lightbox code or similar. The perfect code for popping an image out already exists. Use it. If refusing then I’ve given a few simple ideas…here they are again

  1. Show a loading icon so the user not sitting their wondering if something is loading
  2. Double tap to zoom

****The pinch to zoom issue is that you can’t zoom from both sides of the phone. To reproduce, put one finger on each side of the phone and try to pinch to zoom. It results in the bouncing around in the video I’d posted previously. If fingers or finger and thumb on one side it works fine.

Really no legit website in the world uses this method you’re trying to implement here. It’s ghetto, amateurish, sloppy, strange.