Angolans! Who's Got 'Em?

My girl that I picked up last year from Steve Beamer at Reptile Collective. One day I will add a male as well, when my odds are better on my BP eggs (out of 2 clutches, both 7 eggs each, I’m hoping to have 5 babies–whole first clutch went bad and 2 out of the second). But I’m curious as to who else keeps these, as it never hurts to have others you can go to for questions and/or collaborations.


I am fortunate to have a small but diverse group of 2.3 Angolan Pythons.

I hope to produce some young this coming season.


I’ve got a pair of unrelated yearlings. Have a ways to go, but I enjoy the heck out of them.


I just picked up a pure (as far as I know) male Angolan! He’s 1776g and sweet as can be!


That’s a beautiful specimen!

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Thank you! He’s the only one I’ve seen this big! But also the only one not a baby at a show I’ve seen lol

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Beautiful animal!

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my handsome Crowley is quite a joy <3


Really cool snakes, I’d love to see them become more available! Good luck to those who are breeding them!


I am REALLY hoping to add a hatchling or juvenile to my collection in the next year or two so that I can start raising one up. I haven’t found hardly anyone who works with them and have no idea where to go to even look for hatchlings next year, but these snakes are definitely top of my list.

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On my list for next year. My friend breeds them and has 6 pairs so I get first pick of an unrelated pair next year. Didn’t breed them this year so I have to wait. Had some imports about 8 years ago and like an idiot I sold them.