Animal not picked up from hub by buyer

I’m sure there isn’t much that can be done… I shipped an animal to a buyer yesterday. It arrived this morning at the hub and now it’s about an hour until the hub closes. I have emailed and called the buyer asking if they are picking it up and I’ve gotten no reply. I am really worrying at this point, hoping I haven’t just sent this animal to its death. Nothing seemed off about the buyer during previous conversation.

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Disregard… Thankfully they just picked him up based on the tracking.


Im glad you care about your animals, but there isn’t much you can do in situations that that. I make sure I’m there for the animal not the other way around. I know people are busy but I’m not into letting them sit around at the hub personally. But they sent them there knowing they had to atleast.

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In this type of situation you can either call fedex and have them ship the animal back to you if you are positive your customer is not picking it up. they may charge you a fee i am not sure on that part. If you went thru a company like reptiles2you/reptile express/ship your reptiles you can contact them and see if they can help you out with getting the animal shipped back to you. Glad it all worked out, and they picked up the animal.