Animal Plastic cage accessories

I’m looking into ordering an animal plastics enclosure for my boa constrictor but I’m not totally sure which of the additional features I need. I’m going to get the T60 which is 96”w, 24”d, and 24”h. Any held is appreciated!


That’s going to be a huge enclosure.

It wouldn’t hurt to include the shelf and locks.


Totally agree with @randall_turner_jr a cage that tall you should add a shelf, maybe even a corner shelf since you have the room. Gives even more room and temperature gradients. That is a big enclosure, depending on the size of boa you may want to put a hide or fake plants or something to give the snake a sense of not being totally out in the open. And of course locks on all non rack enclosures!


Enjoy your cage when it arrives sometime in 2023


Another thing to consider adding would be a hanging hide. I believe reptile basics sells kits for this.


She’s only a year old so I figured now would be a good time to order it since I know they take a while. I also plan on getting the divider to let her adjust to such a large enclosure.


Sounds well thought out. I like the divider idea!

Do you think I need any lighting? That have LED and fluorescent lights available.

Yes, but I’d consider cost. I always install my own, you can get various sizes of a led tube light for pretty cheap depending on size and they are easy to install. But it’s up to you I am sure there light will look great. With that size of cage you will want one. I hook mine up to a timer and do 12h on 12h off never have to think about turning it on.

I’ll look into getting some set up. I’ve talked to the heat panel company and they’ve recommended two heat panels for such a large cage. A higher watt one on the hot side and a lower watt on the cool side. Do I need heat tape in addition to the heat panels?

Unless your room that your enclosure is cold, then no. It usually only makes sense to get 2 if like you stated are going to have a divider. But if just had one cage I would opt for a larger heat panel on one side, to let the snake thermoregulate itself. But my snake area is always high 70s at the lowest temperature ever.
And remember you will need the heat mat on thermostat, to control it just like heat tape.

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The cage will be in my basement where it’s only 72* so they recommend two heat panels as well as putting down some aluminum insulation on the floor to help prevent the heat from leaching out that way.

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I have my enclosures in my basement, 2 of them are ap t8 enclosures with 40 watt rhp. I built a wooden stand for them with 2x4s and 3/4" plywood. I do suggest using insulation underneath the enclosure as well as attaching some to the back.

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I agree with @randall_turner_jr I always keep enclosures off the floor, especially basement. You can build a 2x4 one like he does, much cheaper. I know a lot of people also use the garage storage shelves, that you can buy. Just make sure they are decent quality, pvc enclosures are really light actually compared to wood or melamine, but you don’t want anything wobbly or unstable.

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Do you think I need the heat tape on the bottom if I insulate everything?

I don’t, with 2 heat mats you should be able to raise the ambient temp if too low, as well as providing a hotter side, but I guess it depends on if you can get the temperature on the warm side in the proper range. If your basement is too cold or insulation did not work as good as you intended you may need to warm the room up, or some kind of additional heating to the cage. You will have to see for sure when you get it and set it up, always have it set up with temps dialed in for at least a day before adding the snake. I really think the 2 heat mats it should be sufficient though.

Ok, thank you so much!

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