Animals for a 24x24x24 wooden chicken wire enclosure

Once again i am asking for advice of what to put in an enclosure i have a 24x24x24 wooden chicken wire enclosure and i need some idea of what you put inside whether its a lizard, turtle, etc even mammals and birds let me know please

That is a tough one. A pretty small species of chameleon could potentially work. Also a medium sized anole could work. Can’t think of anything else really right now

Its the equivalent of 59 gallons so i would assume other animals would fit in it

Sort of- cubes are tricky because it’s not exactly got long space for say a snake to stretch out. It’s more suited for something kind of arboreal, with that amount of vertical space vs floor surface.


It isn’t about an animal fitting. A chicken wire side eliminates 90% of what could be kept in it. Sure a leachie could fit but most likely wouldn’t thrive as it isn’t an ideal enclosure.


I know i was hoping for some ideas on maybe birds or other animals like mammals or maybe some small monitors or other lizards

Monitors? The smallest monitor you can get for under 1,000 is an ackie monitor and they require a 4x2x2 for an absolute minimum. Most small mammals would be able to chew straight through the enclosure and I can’t think of any birds that would do well in that size enclosure

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Ooh I know what this might be good for!

Like they said, with chickenwire sides it probably wouldn’t work for much for an animal to live in, and it looks like that might be salvaged lumber so it should be sealed with a waterbased polyurethane (minwax makes one) because of the possible treatments that might be on the wood.
I think this would be cool to build a little “enrichment playground” for you to put a small pet inside and observe them spending some time exploring. with you sitting right there, the wire would let them be visible but not escape your “playpen”, but you’d be able to watch them check out new surroundings and climb over new things like cleaned branches, rope, paper towel tubes, etc.


Thats what i was thinking i was gonna find the thinest holes in the wire and also make sure the wood gets cleaned as much as it can but someone in this suggested a medium sized anole and i really liked that idea thinking of the anoles i have an idea its the cuban knight anole would it work for this?

Cleaning the wood won’t be sufficient. You’ll need to seal it as well. As far as anoles go, I’m no expert but I’d imagine they need humidity. Which will be nearly impossible to keep in a mesh enclosure

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Chameleons :wink:

You’re right, but that’s usually a costly set up, as you need to invest in a good and reliable mister system.

Chameleons have to have that ventilation, or they’ll die. Other species don’t really need that.

I personally think ventilation is very important for all species. Also never said it was going to be cheap :rofl:

The reason I am saying anoles as my top pick is because things like a crested gecko would probably find a way to hurt itself.

I do really like @athleticshoelace ‘s idea and it is probably what i would do. Also can be used for a holding tank with enrichment during tank maintenance