Animals Page Bug [2600]

I am having a store animal issue. I went to go change a snake from for sale to on hold and the menu wouldnt fully load (screenshot attached). I had to go to MorphMarket via chrome on my phone, desktop view and edit it that way since I wasnt home.

It would not allow me to move up or down with that pop up when I tried to edit the snake. Thats when I got the idea to go to Chrome to see if it was an app issue and it was.

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Hey Anna,

What browser and device was you using that was having this issue?

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I’m using my Samsung Galaxy S20, and the issue was on the app itself.
I used Chrome to get around the issue.


Hi Anna,

Can you uninstall the old PWA app and install the one from the Play Store (see link on our home page), and let us know if this bug is there also? If so we’ll file a ticket.