Annoying finding feeder rats lately any suggestions?

We’re in Northern California. Need: Bulk frozen 20+ Med rats per order. Thanks very much for any input.

If you can’t find locally you can get frozen mice and rats really quickly on Amazon. I have used them for rats in the past. They are a good quality, no broken tails and legs like PetSmart or Petco. Works for a good backup supply.

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I’ve used RodentPro and Big Cheese Rodent Factory. Of the two I prefer Big Cheese as they vacuum pack and their animals always appear cleaner. Both offer flat rate shipping (by the box), so if you load up the box, the shipping per piece goes way down.

Do yourself a favor and get a vacuum sealer, one that heat seals the bags like the FoodSaver. This will prevent freezer burn on your bulk frozen stock. You can also establish a relationship with other local hobbyists and start a cooperative where you pool orders to save on shipping and possibly realize additional discounts based upon volume.

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Wait what AMAZON offers feeders in the States? That’s wild, who’s the supplier.

OP have you considered breeding your own?

Mice Direct & UGRodents. Prices aren’t any better as the shipping has just been added into the cost.

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Yeah I wouldn’t mind having a little rat farm but I’m not in a good area for it right now.

I don’t need a ton of food because I keep a small collection. Started to think I was going to put something bigger together for my son but realized we would enjoy it a lot more if we kept it small with a few nice animals. However when you can’t feed what you have you are reluctant to pair them up and get more babies going. Also breeding snakes need to eat a lot as well.

Where at in Northern California?

Around Folsom Lake.

Thank you. I appreciate the information👍

Layne Labs is in CA, they have good quality feeders and the shipping might be less expensive than some of the places in the Midwest.