Another 4 hatched (guess the parents) 🦎

I cannot keep up I tell ya :joy:
Have a little game too while you’re here :wink:

2 reds, both red and cream harlequin Dalmatians.

Who’s parents? :thinking:

  • Kaneki and Akira
  • Dolly and Greg
  • Big Mama and Spike
  • Nelson and Rose
  • Raspberry and Phoenix

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Clutch number 2!
A strange partial pin and a harlequin pin dash…

Who’s the mummy and daddy? :wink:

  • Barb and Greg
  • Beast Boy and Lilo
  • Haise and Crème Brûlée
  • KJ and Boo
  • Akira and Kaneki

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Enjoy :blush:


Unfortunately I haven’t been following you long enough to know the parents, but one thing I know is that they’re some nice looking cresties… :star_struck:


Would greatly appreciate pics of parents as a reminder please?

You should do ones like these in the gecko game


Shameless plugged lol :joy:


Ok… :joy:

Kaneki and Akira-

Dolly and Greg-

Barb and Greg-

Boo and KJ-

Lilo and beast boy-

Haise and Crème Brûlée

Nelson, don’t have a pic of rose, but she’s a red harley partial pin.

Big mama and spike

Phoenix and raspberry

I’ll add the next clutches on there :relaxed:


Holy crow! Don’t they know it’s winter? :joy:

That was so hard. I’m so bad at figuring out parents. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’m pretty sure most of those pics were old ones! Unless she’s is having way better weather over on her side of UK, if so… Please share!

I asked for pics to help everyone out, but it’s made me question my answers lol


This wally forgot to update! :joy:

So first one was Dolly and Greg! I haven’t a clue who clicked that one so congrats to who did!! :grin:

The second clutch… now do I post the answer or confuse you a lil with more images tomorrow? :smirk:


I think just the answer would suffice, we can’t change our minds anyway.

Unless you make another pole? :grin:

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I guessed the first one right!

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As did I :relaxed:

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I am getting better lol :joy:

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I also got the first one right!

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What was the second clutch?