Another Expo Coming to DFW

Apparently there’s another expo coming to the DFW metro - this time over in Ft. Worth. Anyone heard of this or planning to attend?



First I’ve heard of it, but Im sure we will make the drive up!

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I went to the Reptilian Nation one in Houston at NRG stadium with a friend this winter, it was ok, but I wouldn’t say it was worth the entrance fee. Not much variety, no hots or large species. The most interesting/high end snake there was probably a clown pied bp, and the only booth that we thought really had anything cool/interesting was a guy who had various fungi and mushroom kits. We saw some seriously dedryated hatchlings and geckos that looked like they were barely hanging in there, some guy mansplained recessive traits to us, and prices were several hundred higher than you would see for the same (or better) snake on MM. 3/10

Maybe the DFW one will be better


I’ll try to make it there and give a report.

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I think we will be trying to go as well. We’re vending our first show at Repticon - Dallas in Grapevine Nov 19-20, so perhaps we can do some recon on good and bad practices we see.

Well I was at this expo today. So heres a review.

Pros-- tables were REALLY spread out. Lots of room between groups of tables. This was nice because most expos here are really packed in tight and are packed.
— pretty good concession stands, there were tables and chairs available as well
— lots of vendors, some I havent seen in DFW before.
— there were some demos with different snakes presented at regular times on a stage, and photo ops with some of them.

Cons—its downtown Fort Worth. If you dont know where the parking garage is, you could be in for a long walk! And the convention center parking wasnt free. Cost me $18.
— tickets were a little steep, like my 5 yo grandson was $10.

And I did pick up a Brazilian Black and White tarantula from my favorite vendor.


@spottedbull We attended as well and I have to agree with your assessment. Having the extra space to move about was such a pleasant change. This show wasn’t overly ball python heavy, which we appreciated. There were some new vendors too - some from outside of DFW and some from out of state, which was cool. Overall, not bad, but I don’t know if we’ll attend the next one if it’s still in downtown Ft. Worth.

Regardless, thanks for the review. Come check out our table in Grapevine November 19-20!

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Wish that I could, but I have to be at a niece’s wedding in Louisiana that weekend. Keep me updates as to others you will be selling at and I will certainly stop in and say hi!

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Future RN shows :wink: