Another MBD success case

I seem to take on a lot of MBD cases.
So this is “Igor” he came to us a few weeks ago…as a female!! . Sadly he never got the correct levels of lighting and supplementation as he was growing. The videos of him showed a gecko with dislocated and fractured back limbs… Sadly nothing was done for well over a year! He was housed in an arboreal set up…apparently could of broken his limbs when jumping…Yes this could happen as I strongly suspect his bones were that brittle!!

I was expecting him to be harder work. He was being handfed and had mouth rot too boot!!

Well he’s under arcadia T5 in a lower vivarium. Plenty of branches, correct temps. A decent humidity level and adores basking under the UV. His colours have popped and his mouth rot is fixed.

The best thing is he jumps and chases crickets like there’s no issues at all!!

His muscles are wasted but he certainly looks in much better shape than when he got here!!

Another MBD success . I expect him to go from strength to strength. I cannot fault the arcadia supplements
The original him was quite shocking


Reptiles are amazing. I have a ball Python who was breed to much and almost died from the eggs inside her bursting because there were stuck eggs the owner did nothing about before we got her, we made sure she wasn’t in any pain and that she got all the love in the last part of her life as possible. Her name is Halo. We don’t breed her either. Lovely animal, reptiles are very strong little (or big!) creatures. He is an amazing beautiful boy. Congrats for even having the strength to care for this kind of lizard. It can be tough, but it is very rewarding when they get better and defy the odds put against them. Super cool lizard, he has gotten quite pretty as well.

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THANKS Yes they are amazing indeed. I am a zoologist by trade but somewhat retired now, my wife is a vet nurse, although works in agriculture now with animals. We are very rural but we take in what we can to fix up. A lot of MBD cases over the years.
One of my fave cases was little “Bones”


this was her 12 weeks on


So pretty!


she’s ovulated and will either lay reabsorb but she’s got enough fat reserves…I need to watch her weight now