Another newbie ;)

Hi all! I’m Mimi and l live with my husband and our zoo in central Kentucky. I introduced our non reptilian crew over in the appropriate thread so I will just say that we have horses, dogs and rabbits in addition to our new family members…

Dharma, a baby Ball Python that joined our family in February (and is my first snake ever though I’ve loved them since childhood)

and soon to be joining our family, we have Oreo the Leopard Gecko (brainstorming name ideas as I’m not sold on the name Oreo lol)

Also joining the family as soon as I can go get her, not sure if she has a name, what it is if she does or what it will be once I get her, but she is also a Ball Python.


Welcome to the community :blush:
You’ve got some beautiful reptiles living with you. Make sure to ask any questions you have, no matter how stupid they seem.


Thank you, I sure will :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome! Great pics of all your critters!

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