Another question about Genetics

We purchased a small collection from someone locally that unfortunately passed away. I have found most of the sales on MorphMarket so have a good idea of what Morph they are. I have not been able to find this one and was wondering what you all think? His paper had her listed as Pastel Mocha Ghost and the tub had her listed as a Pastel Mochi Ghost. Any ideas or guesses? She actually really looks amazing in person

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My guess is the first one. I think Mochi is pastel enchi mojave, so a pastel mochi would be a bit redundant.

Mind you im only guessing out of the names because im not very experienced, so by all means please wait for somebody with a better eye than me haha

Mochi is just MOjave + enCHI. With those two options, it’s a mochi pastel hypo.


Derp! That makes sense, the only combo morph i could find was mochi bumblebee and it was spider pastel mojave enchi. My mind said “bumblebee is a spider gene, so mochi must be the rest” completely forgot bumblebee was pastel spider, not just spider haha

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