Another successful feeding night

That blue moon must be out tonight. All 17 of my BP’s decided to eat again tonight. Even the 4 I’ve recently switched from large mice over to weened rats.
Those who feed weekly and have snakes pass on a meal for no apparent reason, try going to a two week feeding schedule. I have far less issues even with my fussy eaters. It’s really helped getting my snakes to eat regularly.


You know I agree, and I’ve always done a weekly feeding schedule for many years. I have been doing the 2 week thing for most of my collection for the last few months. So last night was my feeding night and some of my year+ old holdbacks who were still on live took f/t with no hesitation! So it may help to convert as well as reducing refusals! The only thing against a 2 week schedule I will say is, I still feed my hatchlings on a strict weekly schedule, just because I want them established asap and I think there growth rate can easily convert the food without having a negative effect on their health.


I agree with you @banereptiles . I should have been more specific. The hatchlings I bought were on a 5-7 day schedule from the breeder. I don’t have anything under a year and a half old in my collection.
Congrats on getting those on F/T. That alone is a big win.


I absolutely love when all my snakes dates to eat line up. Personally, I like to feed my snakes but I don’t really enjoy having to feed them all on different days lol :joy:. But is a good feeling!


Feeding on different days would be annoying but I get it. Babies gotta eat :rofl::+1:


Are kidding me guys? @buckeyeballs @banereptiles @lumpy I was just thinking the exact same thing! I just finished feeding my bps and everyone ate after a 10 day span. They are still fairly young so 10 days instead of 2 weeks. My 4 month off feed girl Wrenn finally ate about 10 days ago so she is on a 2 week span! Ahhhhhg the joys of belonging to the clean plate club! Woo hoo!!! Can’t wait for my girl next week Nathan! And did you say “hatchlings??? Lol! :blush:


It’s truly a blessing when the entire collection feed on the same night. Wrenn being over her fast is great news to hear @caron .


Amen to that @buckeyeballs! Wrenn was a little sass when I got her but she is a love now!


That WT male I have goes off food anywhere from October - December. He ate one meal in January then off again. He just started taking food the last part of June. He ate again last night. He’s the one that confuses me the most but I’ve gotten wise to his yearly routine.
When he is ready to eat after several months , he comes out of his hid and lays on top of it. That’s when I know he’s ready again.


That’s hilarious! He has trained you well! I am pretty sure Wrenn is a wild type as well. I only paid 30 bucks for her but in my eyes she is priceless!


i love when this happens! It makes my life easier when the hognoses are on a weekly meal while the BPs are on a ~3w (all adults). Each group has their “i will eat everything, including live” animal that I don’t purposely heat something for bc I can usually nab something out of my feeder bins if everyone else does eat.
It’s always nerve wracking with the animals that will only eat drop fed (my eastern, a few of the BPs) because its always in the air if they’ll actually eat or I have to deal with a stinky dead mouse later on.


The ball pythons must have a national eating day we are not aware of!

Im Hungry Lets Eat GIF by Fleischer Studios


Lol! That’s great! And yep! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:rofl::joy::rofl: I love it!