Ants vs Geckos

I have ants in my house and I’ve seen many trails lately, I’m scared for my leos and how can I save them

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If you’re worried about them getting in your geckos enclosures then set some non-poison ant traps in your reptile room and around your enclosures and if possible put a screen on your tanks, what material are your enclosures, as in what would the ants have to climb up to get to your enclosures.

If your guys are in tanks, you can always put a line of vaseline (petroleum jelly) around the outside of the tank. It’s gross to clean up later, but it works.


The Vaseline works fairly well, but you need to make a wide band of it. We do that w hummingbird feeders to keep the ants (mostly) out.

You should start, though, w asking why you have ants in the house in the first place. They are not just unhealthy for your herps. Working in the restaurant biz in my youth, I was told a restaurant was far more likely to get shut down over ants, than say cockroaches… Apparently, ants carry far more diseases that affect humans than other insects.


You can spread diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your room. You can also spread it around your terrariums, not in them. I’d also suggest sealing any food lying around in plastic containers as the ants are finding and getting into something.