Any advice for a Pregnant Centipede?

Okay, I just went downstairs to check on my animals and I was surprised to see that my centipede had eggs and I didn’t know it was a female so if anyone knows how to handle centipede babies please let me know an here’s a picture to see what shocked me.


I don’t know if they would be fertilized or not, but assume that they are so you can be prepared. The first thing you should do is seal your enclosure. If baby centipedes get out it will not be fun to try and catch them. You will still need to catch them from the enclosure. I would use deli cups to house the babies. I don’t know if it’s best to house them separately or together, but either way you will need to catch them all out of the enclosure. You will need to have food for them, depending on the size, crickets or fruit flies would be best to start them on.


Not sure what to do but that is very cool.