Any breeders feeding ASF to hatchlings?

As I’m sure some have seen my first clutch has pipped and all but one has left the egg. The new hatchling rack has been set up and monitoring temps for the new babies when they shed. However, thanks to covid I have a slight problem, my normal rat guy’s wife is still recovering from covid. None of the local stores have been able to get ahold of rat pinkies or mouse hoppers, and my rat guy is out of commission for about a month.

I was orginally planning on feeding rat pinkies mainly because there is less risk. I’m not trying to start a whole debate on live vs f/t vs prekilled. I feed mostly prekilled but have a couple males that still refuse anything but live. I also feed my collection exclusively on ASF, since I also breed them.

My question is what size/age ASF do you offer particularly for their first meal pre-weaned or weaned?

Over the years I have fed all three prey type to hatchling and now I solely feed mice hopper.

The reason? They are the most enticing and get a higher success rate of hatchlings taking their first meal, first time offered, after 3 to 5 meals they are switched.

As far as ASF I fed larger hoppers.

Keep in mind some people maybe reluctant to buy animals fed on ASF.

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Thanks guys, like I said as soon as I can get access to them I plan on switching, but for the first couple feedings that is all I have access to.

My snakes seem to like ASF, mice, and rats. I haven’t noticed any hesitation, if it is warm and moving around ,they eat.