Any breeders in michigans upper peninsula

Hello from the UP of MI. Wondering if there’s any breeders up here, would be cool to connect and bounce ideas back and forth. Thanks

Hoping its ok to post this here, if not please let me know!

Hi @corwin2007 first thing I would like to welcome you to our community. I am personally happy that you chose to come here, and are wanting to learn.

Secondly below is a screenshot of in the ball python area. You can use the search area to locate different breeders, as well as snakes in your area. By pressing where I highlighted in red the magnifying glass and then the box denoted by “nearby” you can even set how many miles it is away from a pacific location. You also can play around with species type, which I put in blue. Price, which I put in green. In yellow, is pacific traits that you would want to include or exclude. And lastly, in purple you can select gender and age.

Lastly I hope you have a great day and hopefully there are some breeders on here that can reach out to you either PM or replying to bounce back ideas with you. :grin:

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