Any cypress in there?

I was told this is a cypress firefly but I don’t think there is any cypress in there. Any opinions?

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I would say that is a cypress firefly over just a firefly.
Dull colouration, faded chocolates with white flames,.

But in reality terms, if you don’t trust the breeders word or don’t know the pairing, then for all you know it could be anything.

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I dont thi k it look like a stand alone fire fly

Pulled a couple picture off MM if that helps, unfortunately I’m colour blind so everything I collect are high contrast or bold patterns, cant see chocolates fading or colouration changes wish I could. But theres 2 pic of Cypress fireflys for some sort of reference.


Base off these pics posted I would say no to cypress gene being in that firefly. Now I don’t work with it, but based off what I’m seeing in these pics I don’t see it in that animal you posted. Maybe someone with cypress experience can chime in ?


I work with Cypress though I have not made Cypress FireFly.

That said, there is a pretty consistent trait of a very strong dorsal stripe contributed by Cypress and I am not seeing it in the animal in question.

I have also made more FireFlies than I can remember and that animal falls in the range of what they looked like.

So… My opinion would be that it is just a FireFly