Any guesses?

This is a little 3 month old female, and her mother, I got from a breeder a few days ago and dont know what she is. ( photos 3-5)
When i spoke with the breeder he said that he bought the mother and shortly after, she laid a clutch of 6 eggs. He said he doesnt know what the father would be as she was bred before he got her. He still had one other female clutch mate that he wanted to keep who had very simmilar coloring and pattern but was a low white visible pied
Anyways, her mom is supposed to be a black pastel double het piebald hypo. ( first 2 photos)

Thank you in advance for your help.


I would say a super pastel, black pastel, yellow belly more than likely with a blue eyed luecistic gene like mojave? Possibly a pastel, fire, black pastel, yb or mojave as well. Also of course since there was a visual pied in the clutch it would have to be a possible het pied at the least, could be a 100% het pied. This one would be a prime candidate for the complete shed test, it could Id pied, and yb complex for you. If you want to spend the money on it. Beautiful python though!:star_struck::+1:


Hello, welcome to the community! We’re glad you’re here, and there are lots of awesome and experienced people here to help out with any and all questions. Unfortunately, I am not experienced enough to help with your question, there will be others who will be able to give you their opinions on the beautiful snakes you’re asking about.