Any idea on what morph

so i’m not used to corn snakes. i have keep ball pythons,burms,retics,carpet pythons,etc
and i’m not to sure what she is i was told a normal but i don’t think so. any help to get any ides would be a great help

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That’s an amel aka albino.


what i was thinking as well but wasn’t sure

Want to see the head and belly color. I gotta agree it’s got something to do along the Amel/Albino gene though.

i can add more pics when i get her tomorrow i was told a full grown female and i’m getting her for 50 so i don’t see any harm in that price to help the person out

also click the pic it will bring up the full body but its not a good pic

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The price is good for any healthy adult snake. But updated pics where you have her would be best. Would love to see a Pic from head to tail if you can get it. Even if she is somewhat coiled up. I have an idea but wanna see a good full body Pic to confirm.

sure ill definitely send more pics when i get her tomorrow around 130 to 3 pm est. but out of curiosity what are you thinking

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Look up albino reverse Oketee and see if that looks like her

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ya it dose but definitely needs to be in person and better pics to tell for sure

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i’m sure they would be only 1 way to tell for certain is to breed or test genetics. but what dose a albino reverse Oketee sell for rn

Go look on the MorphMarket main website and look around. I’m not sure really. Keep in mind someone selling a pet Vs. A breeder selling one of their babies is two completely different things.

lol very true anyways ill add more pics and thanks for the help

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