Any ideas on the morph?


I’m not seeing any morph in this nice looking boa…but these eyes are not highly experienced in boa morphs either! Hopefully someone else can chime in, post a few better pictures as well from additional angles.

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Better picks would be good
I think is just a normal if I can see right he/she have some Little spots All over the pattern maybe is and HET for something

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Thanks guys I appreciate the input! I’ll try to get some more pictures later today

From my end, looks to be a normal.

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Doesn’t it look like there is some sort of pattern mutation, whether it be poligenic or genetic? By no means an expert here, but I love me some boas, I have 2 BI’s myself!

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@westridge should be able to help out here.

To me though it looks like a beautiful normal.

Yes, it looks like a normal.