Any ideas on what these are?

Hey friends! Any guesses to what the patterning could be? These are 2nd generation babies from a “normal” female. Both clutches that came from her have weird pattern mutations some being more noticeable especially with the banana.

Banana fire x Normal


Might I ask where you got the “normal” from? That might help run down the likely candidates


I’d almost tell you they look like Tricks. I agree with @t_h_wyman where was the normal from?
Or is this ‘normal’ a dinker?


The normal came from a local reptile shop. They had her labeled as a normal. At the time I was looking for a normal to separate genes from a male I have. These are the first generation offspring from that same “normal”. I was told the male is a vanilla scream but I have my doubts based on the outcomes.


I agree with @akmorphs they all look very trick/blitz like to me. Not quite as extreme as a hurricane can be in my opinion, but that’s a possibility too. Def some kind of “extreme”genetic granite type morphs out there. I like it a lot! Adds so much crazy pattern, nice!


Here’s the female. We’ll see what the offspring will look like this year. I have her paired up to a confusion and I also have a hurricane female that I paired up to the same confusion so we’ll see if there are similarities! I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts!