Any pictures using UV / Blacklight. Also any advice on UV light sources

Have you used UV lighting to try and see any hidden patterns in your animals?
I hear it is sometimes used to see other morphs patterns hidden in a white snake for example.
I would love to see any pictures you have or hear any suggestions for better UV light sources.
I took the first one to try and see alien heads better for another thread related to that. The eyes showed up much better in this candino with just a cheep UV light.

I checked out my BEL but did not see anything to make me think there was another morph in it.
I did notice a stripe going all the way down its back though. Never noticed that before.


This is an interesting topic, I’ve used a black light flashlight I got for scorpion hunting to show the variable contrast and pattern in a couple of my albinos, but haven’t tried photographing it.


Here’s a picture of my BEL Sulfur/Vanilla under a blacklight. No pattern, but he has a full dorsal stripe all the way down his back that you can just barely see in normal lighting.


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@athf1985 posted a few pictures of his balls under a blacklight here :wink:


I haven’t tried a black light under any of my reptiles but I made one by layering shrink wrap with permanent markers over a flashlight (blue, purple, blue, purple or blue, blue, purple). I’m going to try it on my invertebrates and see what happens. I might also try it on my blazing blizzard (all white) leopard gecko.


There are different kinds of UV. -,A, B and C I think. Different crystals glow different colours with A or B.
I have many crystals that look a plain white or brown but are all sorts of intense colours under the right UV light. (My UV A and B light is old and almost dead now)

I might try this with snakes.

I’d love to see that.

Like mine, but why the stripes ? mine is a super lesser. (or so I was sold as)

@eaglereptiles Awesome thanks

@erie-herps thats a creative idea. most light sources have some uv so should work. I just used a small cheep £1.99 UV tourch with little uv and mostly normal blue. Let me know how it works.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “the stripes”? He only has the one stripe that you can see in the picture, it goes all the way from his head to the end of his tail. If you want to know why he has a stripe then I don’t really have an answer to that, but his dad had the same kind of stripe going down his back so maybe that has something to do with it.