Any suggestions to getting a ball python to eat f/t?

hi I just bought a blue eyed Lucy that is one f/t any ideas to get it on f/t?


Make the prey item very warm after it is totally defrosted. You can do this by putting it in a sandwich bag(so it won’t get wet) and submerge in hot water for a few minutes. Lay it on the heat tape side of a unused bin, or even a blow dryer on high heat will work. Then use hemostats and grab it at the shoulder blades in the upper middle of its back and tease feed the python by getting it close to the head and wiggling it slightly, not enough to scare it though. This may or may not work bps can be notoriously stubborn about changing their feeding habits. Good luck!


thanks so much for ur help

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and also when should I try to feed him I got him yesterday

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I would wait at least a few days for him to settle in, and during this time don’t handle him or or disturb him to keep stress levels low


ok, very thanks

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