Any tips on how to care for my new baby Central American Boa? (Motley)

Hi guys! I’m getting a Motley Central american boa constrictor in a couple weeks here, and i was wondering what tips you guys had! I have a 10gal and a 20gal enclosure, she is about the size of a grown man’s hand, so which one should i use? Any other tips?

I recommend using the smaller enclosure until your snake grows a bit. An important tip for baby boa constrictors is not to overfeed them. Overfeeding can have very serious consequences for boas. No more than once every 7-10 days, and a modest sized item, not the biggest she could possibly eat.


Thanks! So i’ll use the 10gal until she grows a bit, and feed her modest meals! thanks!

hey! I have some boas too! make sure she has and hide and if the tank is all glass make sure that at least 1 front of the tank is covered or at least is at the wall because baby boas are very insecure and if you want you can put something that she can climb on

I could not agree more on something to climb, my boa still climbs even though he is 2 years old

Thanks! I really appreciate the tips! I’ve wanted a boa for a long time, and now i have an opportunity to get one!

I waited a long time to 9 year of asking my parents who are afraid of snakes

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