Any way to tell?

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Is there anyway to tell if this female is het clown only pics I have at the moment
@eaglereptiles @wreckroomsnakes

There is by buying from a reputable breeder. :+1:


There are no real visual clues that will tell you animal is het for clown.


Not 100% but its said that het clowns have a line at base of tail. Visual clowns have this as well.


No there isn’t. You either have to know what the parents are or see if she throws a clown when bred. A normal het clown is pretty cheap anyway I’d just buy something definite instead of a possible.


As far as definitive no there is not. Kind of like pied markers they may present they may not, they can present in animals without pied at all. After speaking with John Dague Jdconstriction regarding some odd coloring and patterning in my DH Clown Axanthic clutch, he said it was common to see some oddness in the het clowns but nothing that is definitive or 100%.

As @stewart_reptiles and @wreckroomsnakes said there is no 100% diagnostic markers or guarantees beyond one of the parents being visual.

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