Anybody have any candycane or peppermint corn snakes?

Hi everybody, I am trying to figure out if I want to get into peppermint or candy cane corn snakes in the future. I have looked at a few pictures of each but am still unsure of which direction to go (I may get into both morphs eventually but need one start with). Does anybody here have any peppermint and/or candycane corn snakes they would be willing to share? Plus a poll to see which morph is liked more by the community. I inserted some pictures from iansvivairum to compare them


  • Candycane
  • Peppermint

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Why not both? :joy::heart:

But really love the peppermint :star_struck::heart:


Gotta love a nice peppermint AND a nice candy cane. Points to ponder if you’re thinking of breeding them, while it is always true that you can find there animals of varying quality in any morph, spotting which hatchlings will grow up to be stellar adults is definitely a learned skill - and a dose of solid intuition is also helpful. With the line bred morphs like candy cane, it can be that much harder. It is really challenging to predict which baby is going to keep its clean background and which won’t. As in other things, buying the highest quality parents usually results in the highest quality future clutches. When improving your own lines, you might keep back more babies for a longer time. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s just a choice.

Ultimately, the best morphs to choose to work with are the ones you most enjoy seeing. That’s a bit different for all of us. Aren’t we lucky that these creatures come in so many varieties?

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