Anybody want to tell what this is that just hatched


A good looking snake! Sorry i dont have a real answer for you, but i had to say it, thats an awesone color and pattern!

What were the parents, knowing will help everyone on here help you :blush:

Its from a leo yb pied het clown x lesser black pewter het clown. It was more of a rhetorical question. Its black pewter lesser at the very least with some recessive stuff going on. It was just shocking to see that crawl out. Unexpected


What a stunning snake, if you were to show me and ask me what that had in it I wouldn’t have a clue! Prettiest out of the clutch?
And a keeper I assume? :grin:

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Yes thats a keeper. Curious to see it as an adult. Wife thinks its ugly as hell but she’s crazy. Prettiest? Maybe quite a few still chilling in their eggs. Just seen their head and necks


Such a little oddball!
Look forward to seeing the rest then!
Is she not a snake person? :flushed: I think it’s beautiful, don’t see them come out looking like that, and with the blue eyes too!
Let her name him/her, sure she’ll love it then :sweat_smile:

That is a Beautiful snake!! WOW!
I want one of those. Congratulations!

Crazy indeed haha. I have always been fond of snakes that are grayscale, no pun intended.

Wow :star_struck:

I love gray snakes!!!
I hope it stays just as it is :heart:
Do you know if it is a male/female?

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OMG that is one awesome looking snake :heart_eyes:

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Has any of the others came out of egg yet? Update on babies, Please!