Anybody work with Shrapnel?

Picked up a this 2017 1.0 Super Pastel Lesser Shrapnel from a friend today. I’ll be getting a 2021 CG Shrapnel from him as well once it’s ready to go. I’m really excited to see what I can do with this gene in a couple of my projects.

Anybody have any experience with it?


I could be mistaken, but I believe @owalreptiles works/worked with this gene


Worked, those went with her in the divorce, so as far as I know my ex still works with it lol.

I do think it’s cool, seems to add different elements to different combos. I’d be interested to see your Coral glow version when you get them.


Glad to see someone else has any kind of experience with it. I got it from a friend who bought in fairly early. He’s not the level of nerd that most of us are about BP genetics but he said something similar to you. It seems to change any combo it’s in but it’s hard to pin it down to a clear ‘this is what it does’.

I’ll definitely put the coral glow shrapnel up on here when I get it. The one thing I notice shrapnel seems to do in most combos is darken the outlines of the dorsal pattern. It really shows on the CG.

@owalreptiles @t_h_wyman finally got around to picking this guy up yesterday. I was hoping one of the CG Shrapnel combos was missing pastel or lesser but of course all 3 came out pastel lesser coral glow shrapnel. I really want to get this gene away from pastel and lesser to see what it can do lol. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, check out the lesser shrapnel clown on the marketplace right now.



I actually think this combo actually looks good with pastel! Nice!


Thanks! At least with this one I have the option to not have it. The super pastel lesser Shrapnel doesn’t leave me any wiggle room :joy:

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