Anyone breed their own mice?

Does anyone in here breed their own mice? If so I have a question. I have been breeding my own mice and out of nowhere all my new babies are being eaten. I can’t pinpoint which mouse is eating them yet. Any ideas as to why they are changing up eating the mice when there has been no changes?

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Is there anything stressing them out? Construction, changes in temperature, overcrowding, increase in noise level, etc?


Not that I am aware of. They are down in my basment where nobody ever goes but myself. Food has been the same, mazuri 9F, seeds, eggs, etc. Water is always full, and it’s quiet as can be. I’m baffled!!

There are several reasons why mice and rats cannibalize their young. Stressors is a common one. Is there anything that has changed with your colony? Changes in temperature, lighting, feeding, bedding, noises, vibrations, etc. can cause stress. Increases in the number of mice in your colony can result in cannibalism as well. If a mother feels the number of mice in the enclosure is too many for the resources (water, food, bedding, space) they may cannibalize. First time mothers are more likely to cannibalize because the new experience may cause them stress.
Cannibalism can be due to a lack of protein and/or vitamins in their diet. You can also try changing their bedding more often. Do you separate your gravid mice from the colony? Separating them will likely help you isolate the female that is cannibalizing. When I raised mice and rats, I only had cannibalism with first time mothers.


Feeding them mealworms and other protein sources might decrease the chance of them eating babies.


Are they being kept in colonies? What are your ratios? Are you separating mothers? Are there litters of multiple ages being kept in the same tub? Female mice will kill off new litters if there are already litters being raised in the tubs. How long have you had your colony going? If it’s been a while may be time to out cross some new blood into the colony. Also another option is if you have rats let the rat mothers raise the mice.