Anyone else love rosy boas?

Hello, new to the community. I currently am obsessed with rosy boas, they are, for me, the newborn puppy of the snake world. I perhaps lucked out with my Jacob especially, but for anyone who wants a great display snake who won’t mess up a beautiful tank they are perfect. They move slowly and just love living. They seem to enjoy being held as my guy has never shown any signs of stress when being handled. Jacob will even go as far as drinking from water drops on my finger tips. I can lightly massage his chin and he’ll rest his head on my hand and seem to sleep. I’m getting a gorgeous ball python this week coming up, I’ll share him when he arrives, but my heart snake I believe will always be the rosy boa. The stay small, are easy to care for, easy to handle and beautiful in an old school way. Don’t overlook the rosy boa. !
Mine is a cabo san lucas mexican locality



Beautiful snake! I love Rosy Boas.

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I love my rosys. They weren’t my first snake, but when I was a kid someone brought reptiles to my school, including a rosy boa. It was so small and cute. Holding it was the first time I felt like I really wanted a snake as a pet. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t interested in getting me one.

Though the first one I held was the typial gray/rose coloration, I really love black and white. So my first rosys were Mexican Rosy Boas. This is my girl, Morticia:

She and Gomez have given me four babies a year for the last three years. Unfortunately, Gomez passed away last year (he was from a pet home that didn’t practice correct husbandry and suffered from intemittent digestive issues, which unfortunately the vet couldn’t fix) but it looks like she’s gravid again. She might have a retained sperm litter this year.