Anyone encounter this

So my male pied just shed last night and has this rash on him never really seen this before, he usually stays in his humidity box through his whole sheading process, enclosure temp and humidity are always perfect and has always had a full shed even this time I did notice that he pulled up a scale on his back that looked tender I’ve applied some ointment to that scale but he is acting normal just unsure of how he got these rashes.


Hmmm, I have not encountered this, but it makes me wonder, was his shed really bunched up? It almost looks like the start of bruising from trying to get out of the stricture caused by a bunched shed with how it rings around the body.


Two of mine (also very white snakes) will have some red marks like this, though not quite the extent of yours. Either after shed, or when pinched up tight in a corner somewhere that will happen between the coils.

That said, since it is quite red.
First- I would double check the temps and general cleanliness of the enclosure

Second- sometimes they do bleed a bit during shedding but this is mostly around the cloaca area. You can try wiping it down gently. The raised scales could be from pressure if they were coiled up, sometimes they get what I call ‘a bad scale day’. Definitely more noticeable on white snakes. It could also be from a difficult spot in shedding

Third- monitor for any other symptoms. Hopefully it’s just a bit of irritation from the shedding process. It does happen. But since there is quite a bit of red, better to be safe than sorry.

Also! Be careful with some ointments. Things like Vaseline can actually cause more damage to a snakes scales than good and should only be used for actual wounds.

Hope they’re just a bit red from that skincare routine!


Yea his shed was almost just a ring in the humidity box thats kinda what i was wondering to, he is still acting normal hopefully the red starts to go away soon


I think you found your problem. As they shed, the skin underneath is still delicate, so it’s more prone to redness and bruising. Give him about a week and I’d say he’ll be looking good as new.


So you guys @noodlehaus @armiyana are amazing! I never would have guessed a bad shed day! I’m glad @bax1981 that nothing :crossed_fingers:is seriously wrong with your beautiful body!

Edit : I meant beautiful “baby” not “body”!

How embarrassed am I :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: