Anyone expecting or can point me the way to a Black Axanthic this season?!

I’ve been looking for a Breeder that is expected to have some black Axanthic clutches soon and can probably spell off a visual female. Every person that I find though is holding back their visuals almost for sure and the rest of the people wait list is long already… does anyone know a breeder or has any black Axanthic clutches this season and is actually planning on selling some ?

Hi @dragonballp due to the community guidelines we can’t recommend breeders but I can provide you with a link to the morphmarket store when you can look through the available ones.

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Oh okay, I wasn’t aware so thanks so much. I searched through morph market already and they’re not as dark as I would like them for their asking price. And of course no one is going to go lower on such a project with so much untapped potential. I also hit up many breeders from Multiple Facebook groups and YouTube, it’s the same story. Their either holding back or already called for by others. But thanks man.

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If anyone else sees this just send me a private message please. I would really love to get me a female this year!

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Any black axanthics are gonna be expensive because it is a relatively new project, And like you said

I really hope that you get a handle on one and are able to add it to your project line up this year. :grin: