Anyone Experienced w FlexSeal?

I am constructing a cabinet that will have a terrarium enclosure on the bottom for (probably) box turtles and live plants. I’d like to waterproof the “tray” built of plywood. I can use pond liner, I suppose, but thought perhaps that rubberized paint might hold up best against digging…
Does anyone have any experience w this? Thoughts?

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I can’t 100% say it’s safe as I don’t have the credentials but I think it would be safe as long as you let it off gas fully and let it dry for a couple days to a week so they can’t consume it I’ve used silicone before to seal the sides of coustom enclosures but I don’t think you could Use it on the whole enclosure or it would hold up to turtles

The FlexSeal website says you can use it on ponds, though not specifically on reptiles. Noted on the off-gassing. I do pay attention to VOCs. Thanks for that info.

I just recently used it on my 6x2 boa enclosures i built. So far i am liking it and has held up great so far. Just as previously said give ample time for it to cure and off gass. I let mine sit in the garage for 10 days and everything was good!