Anyone have a good breeding/feeding/weight chart?

Was messing around with excell but was wondering if anyone has a good layout I could use?


Thank you! I actually meant a recording chart! But thank you so much!

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That’s amazing information, thanks for that also. I’m finding with my snakes, they tend to be more ready to eat mice over rats currently. I know I’ll have to transition them eventually, but for my biggest, which is just a bit over 700 grams, she’s getting a jumbo mouse at around 45-59 grams (on average). I think once she hits 800+ I’ll have to transition her, but this chart really helps give an idea of where my snakes need to be. Thanks again!

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On another note, more in line with the original topic, I use Reptiware to track everything with my snakes. It’s extremely comprehensive in what it tracks. Just a suggestion!