Anyone have experience with Banded Geckos? (Coleonyx)

Hi! I’m thinking of getting a banded gecko, probably Central American or Western, but I wanted to know what their temperament is like? I’ve heard they’re similar to leopard geckos (which I have), but is that true? Handling or temperament isn’t really a big deal to me but I would like to know theirs before getting one. Thanks!

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They’re nothing like leopard geckos. They’re flighty and wild, a good display animal but unlikely to easily tame to daily handling.

I thought as much, thank you!

It has been a decade but I had a brevis for fifteen years.

I do not think of them as “flighty” as that, to me, means an animal that flees if it even sees you. Mine would happily hang out in the open, he just was not very keen on being handled.

Care is easy, desert-type setup but with lots of small hide spaces that hold in humidity for the US species. Forest-dweller setup for the C. Americans. I prefer top heat via mid-wattage incandescent bulb rather than bottom heat, closer to native environment that way.

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Definitely not flighty, I have a Western banded and it never runs away from me. They definitely act similar to leopard geckos, just an all around chill reptile. It was more nervous when I first got him, but so is nearly every reptile.

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Oh I guessed so on the not liking being handled part. Thanks for your input!

That’s good to know, thank you!